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In order to become a chef, you just need to visit our online cooking classes. At these online classes, you will explore the traditional cuisines of different countries, including Italy, France, Spain, Mexica, China, Japan, India, Greece, and so on.

Indian cuisine

Indian dishes are very spicy. At our online classes, you will learn exclusive recipes from tandoori chicken to palak paneer.

Italian cuisine

No matter where they live in Europe, people all over the world know Italian dishes, including pizza Margherita and spaghetti bolognese.

Japanese cuisine

The traditional cuisine of Japan is based on rice with miso soup and other dishes. One of the most popular food in Japan is considered to be sushi.

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How to butcher fish

You will get to know how to butcher fish properly, which kitchen appliance to use in order to butcher and cook diverse types of fish and seafood.

How to bake Christmas turkey

Raymond Blanc has the best roast turkey recipe. It's easy to cook, tender, and juicy stuffed with apples.

How to cook sushi

You will get to know how to boil rice for sushi properly, how to make rolls and sushi, and which ingredients to use in order to cook delicious sashimi.

The best cooking tips

How to cook rolls?

In order to cook sushi, initially, you need to wash Japanese rice in cold water several times. After that, you need to season boiled rice with rice vinegar. After that, you can start doing rolls, using rice, nori, fish, vegetables, cheese, and another filling. You need to put rice on nori smoothly, put the filling, and then roll it.

How to cook Pasta Carbonara?

In order to cook pasta carbonara, you need just several ingredients, including spaghetti (or another long pasta) and sauce carbonara made of pancetta or bacon, eggs, Parmesan, a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.

How to cook pizza?

In order to cook pizza, initially, you need to make the fluffy dough. For these, you need eggs, milk or ferment, flour, salt, and pepper. Then you need to roll dough and put cheese, tomatoes, sauce, meet or mushrooms, and other fillings.


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